Pet Loss - Is Your Cat Grieving?

Is your cat grieving the loss of another pet? Although cats are typically portrayed as being independent, is is not unusual for one cat to mourn the loss of another pet. Do you know what signs to look for?

Is is not uncommon for a cat to demonstrate signs of grief - just as a human experiences loss of a feline. When two cats are attached to each other and one dies, the other may experience a period that can often be described as mourning. The cat's behavior patterns change and can exhibit a type of separation anxiety or the feeling that something has changed or is missing.

Your cat may be responding to the anxiety grief and distress you are feeling. There is no way to predict how a cat will grieve the loss of their feline companion. However, there are signs to watch for in a grieving cat such as loss of appetite, loss of interest in routines, excessive sleeping, excessive meowing, hiding, lethargy, may appear to be more clingy.


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