Shipping a Persian or Exotic Shorthair Kitten on an Airplane

We ship Persian and Exotic Shorthair kittens within the continental United States.  Sometimes internationally.  The purchaser is solely responsible for the cost of shipping, the kennel and health/flight acclimation certificates.  Prices for shipping a Persian kitten vary depending upon destination and the weight of the cat or kitten being shipped, however, it ranges approximately $350 which includes your health and/or acclimation certificates and a shipping kennel approved by the airlines.

We will make travel arrangements once payment in full has been made.  We will not reserve a flight until payment has been received. We ship primarily with Delta or United Airlines out of the Minneapolis St Paul International Airport. We have chosen these Airlines as our airline of choice as they offer special handling of the animals.   This system ensures the baby will not endure any harsh temperatures within their travel.  As needs arise for alternate airline choices we also may use other airlines when it is necessary.

Different airlines fly to different destinations and all of them have slightly different ways of handling their pet programs so I would be happy to explain the details and determine the most suitable airline for your situation and location.

The airlines either have a temperature controlled cargo area for the kitten or they have temperature parameters within which they are willing to fly a live animal.  Airlines are very familiar with this procedure, we have never had a problem with kitties being flown. They have always arrived safely, secure and very happy.

Occasionally we can transport your kitten personally if we are traveling to a cat show, or have other travel flexibility.


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