Hi Lisa, 

Our hearts belong to Benji!! He's an absolute love. I've had many cats in my life, loved then all, but Benji is a very special boy. Not only a handsome young kitty but so wonderfully socialized. Kudos to you in regard to breeding beautiful Exotics and socialized so well too! He behaved perfectly on the way home, ate and drank and even eliminated in the corner of the cage that we had prepared for his "potty" time. No complaining from Benji! When he entered our house, he just made himself right to home. Really knows how to use his box too! Benji is so playful  (he's a charming character) and we're really enjoying him. We are so grateful to have him and so pleased to have found him at Purrtopia! 

Cleveland, Ohio


Rudy, Telly, and Bruno are the 3 fantastic Persians that are part of my household, thanks to Lisa.  My first cat, Reggie, a Himalayan, had passed in July 2003 at age 17.  After a couple months of healing and soul searching, I answered an ad for a Persian kitten.  After a trip to the store for new kitty supplies, I drove to see about a kitten.  Two were available, but it seemed that this red and white little bugger chose me!  Rudy (Jordanalisa's Red Hots)  was such a genuinely sweet, funny, and kind kitty.  He helped raise our Clumber Spaniel, Fiona, who was just over a year younger than he.  The antics ensued...the pictures I have never cease to make me laugh!  In 2006, Telly (Jordanalisa's Kiss and Tell) joined the family.  What a silly and strong boy he is!  They have brought so much joy to the house!  Rudy and Fiona both passed this year, and we needed a new furry friend.  Purrtopia Champagne on Ice, aka Bruno, is the newest family member.  He is the mirror image of his papa Bowie, and combines all the best attributes of the other loved ones.  Incredibly handsome, sweet, cuddly, and funny. I am looking forward to many years with him.  I am so grateful to Lisa for her hard work and immense kindness.  One should be so fortunate to have such a person and such lovable creatures in one's life!

Donna Gray
Bloomington, MN


I was looking for my first for breeding male when I purchased my first Persian from Lisa back in 2001 when she and her daughter were Jordanalisa Cattery.  I made arrangements to meet with Lisa in her home; Lisa’s home and cattery were very clean and organized. We adopted “Eli” our first Persian male.  When we were in Lisa’s home I fell in love with a darling black and white female named Cheyenne.  I asked Lisa if we could adopt Cheyenne if she were to ever part with her. About a month later Lisa offered Cheyenne to me and I gladly accepted!  Cheyenne was absolutely the best cat I have ever had!

I can honestly say that Lisa was very helpful to me in my breeding program. I was completely new to the hobby of breeding and showing cats and I feel so lucky to have found Lisa!  She was so helpful and I learned so much from her.

I purchased additional Persian breeding and show cats from Lisa over the next several years until I eventually retired from breeding and showing. Lisa was spot on when she described a cat to me with not only the personality and mannerisms but as well as the cat’s adherence to the breed standard.  Every cat I adopted from Lisa was healthy and in pristine condition.  

Lisa became not only my mentor but a dear friend.  Lisa is very honest and has the most integrity of anyone I know.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to add a Persian or Exotic Shorthair cat to their home or breeding program.  I have given Lisa my permission to use me as a reference to anyone considering adopting a kitty from her.

Susan A

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