Declawing cats

Some people believe they should declaw their kitten.  We do not agree with this practice.  We believe that declawing causes behavioral issues in kitties because it is traumatic and painful for them.

There are other ways to protect your furniture and other items – you can clip their claws so they don’t cause damage, and you can also glue on little plastic tips that prevent their claws from damaging your furniture or scratching you accidentally.

You can also provide them with wonderful scratching posts to amuse themselves with.  They become not only a scratching post, but a great source of entertainment for your kitty when you are not around to play with.

For more information about scratching posts, please visit our  Scratching Posts - Cat Scratching Behavior Page.

Despite their reputation for independence, cats can readily be trained to use a scratching post instead of the sofa, curtains, or rugs. Using surgery to prevent or correct a behavioral problem is expedient, but it is not the wisest, kindest, or best solution for your cat. Cats can be trained not to scratch furniture or other objects.



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